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Empowering your HR and Compensation leaders to improve talent engagement, reduce risk, and ensure pay equity.

Thank you for joining us at WorldAtWork to chart a course to pay equity in 2023! We understand that the challenge organizations are facing today in achieving pay equity is complex, but the outlook is hopeful. With data and technology innovation making compensation planning simpler.

Our pay equity analytics solution, Gapsquare, makes achieving pay equity straightforward. Eliminating the pains of manual compensation planning by helping you to:

• Continuously identify, monitor and forecast pay equity in your data
• Create personalized or templated reports, from high-level analysis to intricate details
• Forecast the impact of pay changes, like merit adjustments or new hires
• Scenario modelling to meet fair pay goals, achievable representation, and budget targets

To learn more about how you can reduce time and costs spent on your manual process, see tangible results in increased talent engagement and comply with pay equity and transparency legislation with deep, trusted insights, speak to a Fair Pay Specialist today.

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