Manage Pay Equity Throughout the Employee Lifecycle 

Save valuable time and resources with the new Workforce Planner in Gapsquare, an integrated strategic scenario modelling tool that helps you close your pay and representation gaps across the whole of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment through to attrition. 


Tackle pay equity and reduce risks with our new and improved Workforce Planner. Access your customised Gapsquare action plan derived from your workforce data in 3 steps:

Why Gapsquare Workforce Planner 

Gapsquare empowers you to identify and address pay gaps within your workforce, reducing risk, enhancing talent management, and achieving pay equity.

With our new scenario modeling tool, you can swiftly strategize to close identified gaps and prevent future ones, fast-tracking your organization to fair pay efficiently. Use Workforce Planner in your employee lifecycle management to aid decisions on pay adjustments, promotions, recruitment, and attrition planning while staying within budget. 

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