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What is the most challenging aspect of addressing pay equity for you? 55% of HR leaders say their top challenges are the complexities of pay equity analysis, while 52% say it’s complying with laws and regulations*. 

Sound familiar?  We’re here to help you  every step of the way, no consultants needed.

Reduce risk and take the complexities out of your pay equity journey with the new Gapsquare Workforce Planner in just 3 easy steps: 

•          Set your goals

•          Create a plan

•          Discover results & solutions

Using our intuitive solution, you can identify your pay and representation gaps, then build customized strategies to close them – all in one place. By modelling talent management scenarios, you can fast-track your organization to pay equity on time and within budget.

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*2023 Pay Equity & Transparency Study: Actionable Insights for a Fair Future of Work

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