Pay equity analytics software

Workforce compensation analysis and planning tools that take the complexity out of delivering on your fair pay goals.

Pay equity made easy – for rewards, benefits, HR, and employee operations:

  • Director of Rewards and Benefits

    Director of Rewards and Benefits

    Save time by quickly organizing and analyzing workforce compensation data

    Reduce effort by constantly monitoring pay equity across your workforce changes – from promotions to new hires

    Establish efficiency with pre-built reports that help you monitor and report on organization-wide pay gaps

  • Employee Relations Managers

    Employee Relations Managers

    Increase talent attraction and retention among employees by ensuring fair compensation

    Attract top talent with equitable, transparent compensation policies

    Create incentive strategies that lead to more productive and satisfied employees

  • Compensation Analysts

    Compensation Analysts

    Remove complexity from pay analysis and reporting

    Make informed recommendations that account for performance, skill, and ability

    Come prepared for salary negotiations, promotional agreements, and pay transparency conversations

  • HR Directors

    HR Directors

    Improve employee experience where employees feel fairly compensated and empowered

    Mitigate risk by establishing organization-wide pay equity in response to pay transparency demands

    Ensure compliance with laws and regulations across municipalities, states, and countries

Benefits for the Business

  • Identify Gaps Efficiently

    Instantly identify pay disparities with the ability to layer any number of customizable filters of attributes to sort through data quickly without the headache of Excel spreadsheet analysis.

  • Set Strategic Goals

    Inform data-led talent attraction and retention strategies to meet fair pay goals and budget targets with scenario modeling using the Workforce Planner.

  • Reduce Administrative Burden

    Save time and resources with access to pre-built reports that help you understand and communicate where the gaps are in your company to reduce legal risk.

  • Easier Talent Management

    Monitor and maintain pay equity across compensation, promotions, performance, retention, and policies so you can make decisions that are competitive and equitable for every new hire, promotion, or transfer.

  • Stay Informed

    Upload new data at any time to maintain a continuous, targeted, and personalized view of the opportunity gaps at your company with the Insights Dashboard.

  • Ensure Data Security

    Import and manage your data with a direct API through SAP SuccessFactors and store it securely with our ISO27001 certification.

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