Your Deadline is Approaching. Comply with Gender Pay Gap Legislation in 3 Simple Steps

Gapsquare Comply for UK or Ireland takes the complexity out of Gender Pay Gap reporting, with self-serve software that puts your HR team in control of reporting, analysing, and closing your pay gaps.

Your Gender Pay Gap reporting deadline is fast approaching. Put your HR team in control of reporting, analysing, and closing your pay gaps with our self-serve gender pay gap reporting software. With inbuilt expertise and in-depth analysis at just a click of a button, you can reduce the resource-intensive process today. Watch this demo to see how it works. 

Forget about error-prone Excel formulas. With Gapsquare Comply, you can:

  • Download your report in 3 easy steps

    Meet the UK or Ireland reporting standards in 3 easy steps: Upload your data, map your data with a simple process, and let our automated UK reporting algorithm do the rest!

  • Instant access to in-depth pay analytics

    Create a data-led action plan and target on the right pay gap areas by accessing comprehensive insights.

  • Measure your progress with unlimited uploads

    Measure the impact of your pay gap strategy and track your progress in real-time with unlimited uploads.

  • Model scenarios to
    achieve your targets

    Model scenarios to meet fair pay, DEI, and budget targets, e.g. making changes or additions to your leadership team

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