Gapsquare Comply

Gapsquare®, from XpertHR®, is empowering organizations to measure, achieve and sustain fair pay and workplace equality in real-time. 

Advanced SaaS pay analytics technology takes the complexity out of achieving pay equity. Use your pay data to identify, understand and solve wage gaps and pipeline inequalities. Move your diversity and inclusion strategy from intention to impact today with our award-winning solutions, built by top minds in data science, labor economics, HR and legal compliance. Experience our comprehensive, convenient and customisable product platforms – Comply and PRO, now.   

  • Comply with Gender Pay Legislation

    Comply with Gender Pay Legislation

    Gapsquare Comply for UK & Ireland is a self-serve gender pay gap reporting software helping you meet your reporting requirements in 3 easy steps:

    • Upload your data
    • See results
    • Download report

    With inbuilt expertise and unlimited uploads, you’re in control. Discover how you can understand, monitor and close your pay gaps today.


  • Pro


    Think like a CEO, act like a Pro. With customisable and intuitive elements, this easy-to-use smart dashboard allows you to go beyond gender pay gap reporting, and impress your leadership team and other stakeholders with better data visualisation.

    Advanced solutions to help you:

    • Curate your own dashboard with your company dataset in minutes
    • Proactively identity any pay equity issues in terms of gender, ethnicity and disability
    • Customise and download charts for better pay data story-telling

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Key Capabilities

  • Personalised Dashboards

    Personalised Dashboards

    Create personalised reports for wider stakeholder engagement. Present data according to role and responsibility, from HR to the C-Suite.

  • Pay Disparity Prevention

    Pay Disparity Prevention

    Analyze any compensation or pay action using trend analysis to proactively mitigate potential pay equity issues.

  • Scenario <br />


    Model scenarios to meet fair pay, diversity and inclusion and budget targets. Deliver on long-term strategic planning by using predictive insights.

  • AI-Powered Recommendations

    AI-Powered Recommendations

    Quickly identify and eliminate pay inequities using our automated suggestions for salary adjustments.

Benefits for the Business

  • Identify Gaps Efficiently

    Instantly identify pay disparities with the ability to layer any number of customizable filters of attributes to sort through data quickly without the headache of Excel spreadsheet analysis.

  • Close Pay and DEIB Gaps

    Reduce risk and take the complexities out of your fair pay journey with our new Workforce Planner in just 3 easy steps: Set your goals, create a plan, and discover results and solutions.

  • Reduce Administrative Burden

    Save time and resources with access to pre-built reports that help you understand and communicate where the gaps are in your company to reduce legal risk.

  • Easier Talent Management

    Monitor and maintain pay equity across compensation, promotions, performance, retention, and policies so you can make decisions that are competitive and equitable for every new hire, promotion, or transfer.

  • Stay Informed

    Upload new data at any time to maintain a continuous, targeted, and personalized view of the opportunity gaps at your company with the Insights Dashboard.

  • Ensure Data Security

    Import and manage your data with a direct API through SAP SuccessFactors and be confident that it's stored securely as we are ISO27001 certified.

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