[Webinar] Equality matters: Using data to drive change in financial services

[Webinar] Equality matters: Using data to drive change in financial services

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Wednesday 13th March 2024, 2:00pm-2:45pm GMT

The average gender pay gap in the UK currently stands at 14.3%. But in the financial services industry it is almost twice as high, at 27.9%. As the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority consider measures to address diversity and inclusion and under-representation in the sector, organisations are under pressure to look at and understand their data around these crucial issues.

In this webinar, Sabina Mehmood, Pay Equity Leader at Gapsquare from XpertHR, will help organisations to respond confidently and creatively to these challenges and unlock talent by:

  • exploring how innovative software and services can empower firms to meet regulatory demands seamlessly;
  • spotlighting success stories from industry leaders; and
  • shedding light on forward-thinking and proactive actions within the financial sector.

This 45-minute webinar also includes a Q&A session. Register now and submit your questions.

About the speaker:

Sabina is responsible for leading Gapsquare’s collaborative efforts to support pay equity and beyond across the US market. Her role leverages her past experiences as the Global Product Manager of Bloomberg’s Gender-Equality Index (GEI), Gapsquare’s collective network of subject matter experts, and collaboration with ally organisations sharing a commitment to equality.

Sabina is committed to supporting both corporations and impact investors on their paths to equity in the workplace, with a firm belief that data-driven solutions are a critical foundation for progress.

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