On-demand Webinar: What’s needed for your gender pay reporting?

On-demand Webinar: What’s needed for your gender pay reporting?

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During this webinar, our pay equity experts discuss essential information and knowledge you need to know about gender pay gap reporting.

Organisations are getting used to the cycle of reporting on their gender pay gap every year but looking at that data sooner rather than later allows progressive organisations to talk to their employees about their gaps.

Get a better understanding for why those gaps are there, so that they can put actionable, strong, insightful plans forward to how they’re going to close the gender pay gap.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
  1. The UK Government’s GPG reporting requirements
  2. Conventional calculation method vs hassle-free report generation
  3. Beyond data analysis: Data insights & amazing data visualisation
  4. Q&A
If you still have any queries, or want to see how simple it is to generate your report in a 3 steps,
book a discovery call with us to learn more. 

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