Measuring and Communicating the Impact of Pay Transparency

Measuring and Communicating the Impact of Pay Transparency

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Your company is committed to pay transparency. You’re implementing a strategy to identify, address, and prevent pay gaps. Now, it’s time for the next step: ensuring these changes stick.

To do that, your stakeholders (employees, customers, shareholders, etc.) must understand the value of your organization’s pay transparency efforts. In addition to doing the work of creating pay transparency, you must also be able to measure and communicate its impact.

As employee and candidate demands for pay transparency rise, and with more states enacting transparency laws, it’s evident that companies must be forthright about their pay practices. Our comprehensive guide provides invaluable insights, including:

  • A nuanced approach to measuring impact using both hard and soft data.
  • Tips to effectively communicate how pay transparency enhances your organization.

Without a solid communication strategy, employees and other stakeholders may assume you have not taken action on pay equity. Download this guide today to empower your journey towards lasting change.

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