Gender Pay Gap Reporting: An Expert Guide 2024

Gender Pay Gap Reporting: An Expert Guide 2024

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The United Kingdom’s mandatory gender pay gap (GPG) reporting deadline is fast approaching. Organistions with 250 full-time employees or more must report their gender pay gap before the deadlines of 30 March (public sector) or 4 April (private sector).

Are you ready to take proactive steps to ensure compliance and close the gaps?

Are you familiar with the concepts of “gender pay” and “equal pay”?

This expert guide gives you exclusive insights into:

  • The differences between these concepts and why employers must understand them;
  • Relevant laws and obligations associated with them;
  • Consequences of non-compliance;
  • How to utilise your own pay data and leverage existing technology to get instant reports and insights;
  • Example of a gender pay gap report.  

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MethodEfficiencyEase of UseCostScalabilityInnovation
In-house spreadsheet
Low; requires at least 2-3 monthsError-prone formulae; not easy without expertise  MediumNot suitable for large datasetsLow
Consulting firmsLow; requires at least 3-4 months   Reports are fixed and time-sensitive  HighOne-off reportMedium
Gapsquare self-serve pay equity solutionHigh; get a report in 3 easy steps   Very easy and customisableLowSuitable for large datasets; unlimited reports    High
Comparison of common methods for GPG reporting

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