Gender Pay Gap Reporting Around the World (UK)

Gender Pay Gap Reporting Around the World (UK)

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In light of the growing prominence of gender pay gap and equal pay concerns, an increasing number of countries have started to adopt gender pay reporting and equality rules. Our research on gender pay gap reporting around the world, with brief details tabulated below, serves as a comprehensive reference to help businesses worldwide navigate this complex landscape.

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CountryCompany thresholdReporting requirementsPublishing requirementsReporting frequency (years)Reporting deadline
Austria150+Income report including number of women and men in each occupational groupFor internal use only and must be kept confidential
21st quarter of the calendar year
Australia100+Report containing set of gender equality indicatorsWGEA website from early 202411 April to 31 May
Belgium50+Different reporting requirements apply to employers with 50-99 employees and those with 100+ employees.For internal use only and must be kept confidential2Info must cover the last two financial years and be submitted to the works council within three months after the second year ends.
Israel518+Internal, personal and public reports containing breakdown of employee types and positions, segmented by genderCompany website1Report must be published no later than 1 June.
Italy50+Equality report includes: gender employee count, pregnant female count, hires by gender, initial salary disparities, job roles, full-time vs. part-time, total remuneration, bonuses, benefits, and more.Company website if they wish to230 April of the year following the expiry of each two-year period
Japan300+Gender wage differences, i.e. average wages of female employees as the percentage of the average wages of male employeesCompany website and a database operated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare1Within three months of the end of each business year
South Korea300+ Gender pay gaps, including basic salary, bonuses and allowance paid, plus the number of employees by job category and seniorityOfficial Gazette or on Ministry of Employment and Labour’s website1N/A
Lithuania20+Average wages by occupational group and sex where there are more than two employees in the occupational groupGovernmental website1N/A
UK250+ Report includes: mean and median hourly pay gaps, mean and median bonus differences, the proportion of employees receiving bonuses, and the gender distribution in each pay quartile as at the snapshot date.Company website and uploaded to governmental site1Figures must be based on the rates of pay in place on the snapshot date (31/3 or 5/4), with a reporting deadline on 30/3 or 4/4 of the following year.

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