Gapsquare Webinar: Leveraging Workforce Scenario Planning to Boost Pay Equity

Gapsquare Webinar: Leveraging Workforce Scenario Planning to Boost Pay Equity

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Wednesday 20th September 2023, 3:00pm-4:00pm BST

With pay transparency requirements and social data reporting mandates surging, the importance of pay equity is becoming paramount. Taking on the critical task of reviewing and researching data to unveil potential pay gaps at your company can seem overwhelming. And, for those that do uncover gaps in your workforce, do you know how to close them or struggle to take action? We can help you remove the complexity of pay equity so you can feel confident about instilling fair pay in your workplace.

By using workforce planning, your organisation can achieve pay equity, improve talent management, and navigate the changing pay transparency landscape. In this 45-minute webinar, Gapsquare Pay Equity Leader Sabina Mehmood and Group Product Manager, Sian Webb discuss market priorities and the importance of taking a data-driven approach to achieving equity and explore workforce scenario planning to prevent disparities. They will conclude with an exclusive demonstration of our innovative Workforce Planner.

The Workforce Planner helps HR and business leaders to model talent management scenarios, including time and budget-bound planning, to achieve pay equity and meet DEIB goals. You’ll learn:

  • Effective tips for sustaining and scaling pay equity progress;
  • How to model talent management scenarios;
  • How combining different strategies can help close representation and pay gaps;
  • What an action plan looks like, including with time and budget predictions;
  • And more!

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