Gapsquare Webinar: Leveraging Pay Equity to Mitigate Pay Transparency Risk

Gapsquare Webinar: Leveraging Pay Equity to Mitigate Pay Transparency Risk

Author: The Gapsquare Team

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January 26, 2023

12:00 PM EST | 9:00 AM PST | 5:00 PM GMT

Duration: 45 Minutes

Pay Transparency has moved from taboo, to hot topic, to law. More than just the right thing to do, Pay Equity practices can help hedge against the risks posed by Pay Transparency laws.  

While introducing great strides towards workplace equality, newly enacted Pay Transparency laws may inevitably introduce short-term risks, alongside significant, long-term gains. Taking a proactive approach to Pay Equity helps not only to mitigate reputational, legal, and financial risks, but also sets organizations up to attract, nurture, and retain talent.

Join Pay Equity Leader, Sabina Mehmood, and Fair Pay Specialist, Mithra Vasanthan, as they address the impact Pay Transparency laws will have on corporations, and how robust Pay Equity solutions prepare us for a more equitable future.
Key Discussion Points:

  • Pay Transparency and Pay Equity: risk mitigation amid the push for Pay Transparency;
  • Changing Laws and Guidelines: why Pay Transparency laws are a concern for US businesses;
  • Arming ourselves with information: how a robust understanding of pay strategies helps to inform communication around salary and compensation; and
  • Product Demonstration: live demonstration of the Gapsquare platform.


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