Everything you need to know to prepare your Gender Pay Report in less than 90 days

Speakers: Gemma Herrington, Jenny Smith, Penne Cecil Hutton, Fair Pay Specialists at XpertHR/ Gapsquare

When: Thursday 26th January 2023, 3:00 – 3:45pm GMT

Have you finalized your 2022 Gender Pay Gap (GPG) report for the upcoming deadlines, or are you like most of us procrastinating because of the pain of calculating through Excel? Five years in and it doesn’t matter whether you’re brand new, or a veteran, reporting on your GPG is time consuming and often leaves HR with the feeling of – what next? Now, how do I close my pay gaps? 

During this webinar, we sit down with our fair pay specialists, Gemma Herrington, Jenny Smith, Penne Cecil Hutton, to help you become an expert in GPG reporting, in a few simple steps. 

Agenda: ​

1. The UK Government’s GPG reporting requirements​

    2. Conventional calculation method vs hassle-free report generation  ​

    3. Beyond data analysis: Data insights & amazing data visualization​

    4. Q&A

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