How to enable Two-Factor Authentication

At Gapsquare, we value your privacy and take data security seriously. Our two-factor authentication ensures that your accounts, and your employee data, are as secure as possible.

How it works

Setting up two-factor authentication in Gapsquare is very straightforward. Rather than sending the code to your email, you can now use an authentication mobile app.

To set it up, login to Gapsquare, and click on ‘Preferences’ in the top left toolbar.

Click & enable 2-Factor Authentication.

Follow the steps to set it up. The process is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. You’ll need access to the device you intend to use as your other factor (e.g. the Google Authenticator app, which you can download on Google Play Store/Apple App Store)

What to do if you lose your authenticator device

It is important to generate back up codes in case you lose your authenticator device. Download these via your Gapsquare account and store in a secure place, in accordance with your company’s Security Policies

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