Pay Transparency is bringing massive change. Are you prepared for the risks?

  • Legal Risk

    Minimize legal risk by preventing pay discrepancies that can be classed as wage discrimination.

  • Reputational Risk

    Become a market leader and win the war for talent by ensuring pay-equity organization-wide.

  • Talent Retention Risk

    Create a data-led action plan to improve employee pay for top performers and prevent employee attrition.

  • Financial Risk

    Model scenarios to meet pay equity, DEI, and budget targets. Prevent costly legal pay-outs.

Gapsquare and Pay Transparency: All You Need to Know

Pay Transparency laws have passed all across the United States. Is your organization prepared for them?

Pay Transparency has moved from taboo, to hot topic, to law. Pay Transparency laws will expose organizations to reputational, legal, and financial risk. The good news is that there are frameworks and tools that organizations can bring on board to proactively solve for these exposures before they become problems. Those come in the form of Pay Equity Solutions.

Advancing Pay Equity within an organization means ensuring that employees are compensated fairly for the experience, performance, and value they bring to the organization in a way that is in line with their contemporaries. Instituting Pay Equity means ensuring that there aren’t glaring wage gaps among your workforce, and empowering an organization to create a culture where its employees feel fairly compensated and valued.

Advancing Pay Equity provides an opportunity for companies to mitigate the risks posed by Pay Transparency Laws. By implementing practices, frameworks, and solutions that advance Pay Equity, companies can prevent cultural backlash, legal disputes, financial losses, and reputational damage before they have a chance to occur. Gapsquare is the solution to these risks.

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