Webinar: Ethnicity pay monitoring – how to get started

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You probably have a comprehensive set of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) policies in place but are they delivering the results you want? How do you assess the impact of your EDI policies and initiatives? Measuring the ethnicity pay gap is one way your organisation can explore internal ethnicity pay and representation disparities. 

In this webinar Dianne Greyson, director at Equilibrium Mediation Consulting and founder of the #EthnicityPayGap campaign, will guide you through the ethnicity pay gap monitoring process, including:

  • What the ethnicity pay gap is and who it affects
  • Things to consider before you start monitoring your ethnicity pay gap
  • The challenges around collecting data and how to overcome them
  • Practical steps to get things moving
Dianne Greyson, Director at Equilibrium Mediation Consulting and Founder of #EthnicityPayGap Campaign

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