About Gapsquare and XpertHR

Gapsquare was founded in October of 2015 with a single purpose: to ensure that people are paid fairly for the value they provide – no matter their gender, race, age, or identity. We joined XpertHR in 2021 to advance our mission to establish pay equity around the world.

The global drive toward pay equity

When the World Economic Forum announced in 2019 that women would not be paid the same as men until the year 2277, we knew that our work was of vital importance. Rather than become dispirited by this prediction, it spurred us to action in creating one of the world’s first tools that would actively combat pay inequity in the workplace. Our mission is simple: to move us forward into a world where organizations can thrive by making their people thrive, ensuring a fair future of work.

  • Gapsquare CEO Dr. Zara Nanu, MBE

    Our Mission

    “I founded Gapsquare 8 years ago committed to developing accessible tools to help companies not only identify pay disparities and foster lasting pay equality, but to also arm them with the critical information needed to plan for a fair future of work. Today, the success of our clients is the success of our mission – building not only a more equitable future but also the business case for equality, in our lifetime.”

    – Dr. Zara Nanu, MBE, CEO of Gapsquare

Why pay equity is your #1 priority

  • 82%


    of companies worldwide have pay disparities.*

  • 50%


    of employees perceive pay inequities at the organization they work for.**

  • 75%


    of employees would apply for a new job if the posting includes a salary range.***

* XpertHR Pay Equity Survey 2022

** XpertHR / Executive Networks 2023 Pay Equity and Transparency Study

*** XpertHR / Gapsquare: Pay Transparency in 2023 – What to Expect and How to Prepare

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