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Pay equity insights you need, when you need them.

Gapsquare empowers you to leverage continuous, trusted insights from your workforce data to achieve fair pay.

Pay equity is business critical—and it's the right thing to do.

  • US workers

    US workers

    are covered under Pay Transparency Laws, and 10k+ companies in the UK must comply with Gender Pay Gap Reporting Laws.

  • of CHROs

    of CHROs

    report facing a significant talent retention problem.

  • higher


    cash flow is generated by diverse companies when compared with non-diverse organizations

  • of organizations

    of organizations

    state they are still using Excel spreadsheets for HR data analysis.

  • Gapsquare CEO Dr. Zara Nanu, MBE

    The Gapsquare Mission

    Gapsquare helps you achieve pay equity that benefits your organization—culturally, logistically, and financially.

    “The pay equity and wider workplace social agenda is constantly evolving. From inception, Gapsquare identified that technical, data-driven solutions sit at the core of building a more equitable workplace. Today, the success of our clients is the success of our mission—building not only a more equitable future but also the business case for equality, in our lifetime.”

    – Dr. Zara Nanu, MBE, Gapsquare Founder

Gapsquare helps you:

  • Improve Talent Engagement

    Improve Talent Engagement

    See tangible results in increased diversity, retention, and recruitment of top talent

    Monitor equity across compensation at every level, so you can make decisions that are fair for each new hire, promotion, and internal transfer

  • Reduce Risk

    Reduce Risk

    Minimize the risks posed by pay gap reporting requirements and pay transparency laws across states, countries, and geographies

    Access pre-built reports that help you understand the pay disparities in your organization and communicate insights to stakeholders with ease

  • Access Continuous Trusted Insights

    Access Continuous Trusted Insights

    Upload new data and maintain a constant view of your company’s pay gaps, eliminating the need for manual spreadsheet analysis

    Analyze Data accurately and easily by layering customizable filters for every demographic at any level

  • Achieve Pay Equity

    Achieve Pay Equity

    Analyze and remediate pay gaps across your organization, improving the employee experience

    Instantly identify, understand, and address the drivers of pay disparities across your workforce data


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